About TFP

About TFP

TFP: Inspired by Invaluable Lessons Learned in Tough Financial Times.

TFP helps Advisors and their Clients make smarter financial choices.

Our business objective is serving our clients with tax and financial planning advice. We take pride in how we do it with full recognition that clients place their futures in our hands. The better we serve them, the better we feel about ourselves and that’s a nice reward.

An even bigger reward is the independence and superior compensation of our Fees-Based platform. You likely aren’t surprised when I call TFP a superior model and say we do better. What may surprise you is that it wasn’t always this way. Discovery is a hard road.

I learned two important things about knowledge years ago.
First, knowledge should be shared; that’s why I’m writing. And second, most of us learn things the hard way, from our mistakes. We’re human. The art is to avoid repeating them.

Our transition to a Fees-Based practice began in 1988.
It was right after the ’87 crash. I was just getting started and made many mistakes. Without models to guide us, I realized we had to learn from them quickly or get out of the business.

We crafted an Investment Philosophy we trust and believe in.
First, we prioritize clients paying less taxes; then we manage money on an asset allocation basis. For the many sub-strategies, there are really only two basic investment philosophies. Fundamental Analysis enables us to identify good securities at reasonable prices, and Technical Analysis provides indicators of when to buy or sell without taking foolish risks.

We Evaluate (buy) with Fundamentals and Execute (sell) on Technical Signals.
Many try to time the market, believing they can pick better securities than the thousands of other money managers out there. We don’t. Picking hot stocks like that is unsustainable with unacceptable risks. We evaluate with fundamentals and execute on technical signals.

Prudent Asset Allocation and Seeking Undervalued Securities.
We don’t set out to hit home runs, but to deliver consistent performance. We’ll never tell a client how easy it is to make millions overnight; instead we boast a track record of steady growth in all markets since 1985, when we started. Conservative best practices are boring, not sexy, but there’s nothing sexy about losing money, and we think nothing is sexier than consistently making money.

Solid fundamentals and a steady course for steady growth.
Think back to all you’ve seen in good times and bad. In bull markets the big traders earned mega-commissions and were seen as heroes. Until they crashed and burned and took their clients down with them. We’re stewards of our clients’ financial futures, and have built our business on solid investment fundamentals and best practices that value relationships and trust.

Satisfied clients are the surest path to earning more.
You want to make more money; we all do. The good news is that fees are an unrivalled compensation structure and there’s no mystery as to why.

Simple Common Sense: You grow along with your clients.
So the happier your clients are and the better they do, the more you’ll make.

TFP fees are transparent, easy to explain, and viewed by clients as your skin in the game. Fees are a superior compensation platform which reward you financially and enhance client trust.

I hope to hear from and thank you for reading.

All the best.