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For Financial Advisors working with TFP,
Independence is only your First Reward.

Achieve Financial Freedom Faster with our Fees-Based Platform.

TFP Investment Counsel Corp.The decision to seek a new professional home isn’t an easy one. Few choices you’ll make are more critically important. TFP offers independence, more choices, and greater earning power. All with more time to take your business to the next level and without transactional complications, administrative headaches or anyone looking over your shoulder. Talk to us.

You have everything you need already in place.

Thought leadership and authority, skills that earn client trust, and a satisfied customer base. Your clients have come to rely on you, in good markets and (more critically) in tough markets. Your foundation to build a business worth millions is in place.

You earned all you’ve built, now get paid for it.

Declare your independence as a Professional Financial Advisor with access to everything – stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, GICs, Treasury Bills, Options and more – at lower costs and with more time to focus on what grows your business best: working with clients.

TFP: Performance proven results since 1985.tamara-broker-finance-vancouver

Our platform leverages efficient portfolio management expertise we’ve refined and battle-tested overthe years. We’re pros that have consistently delivered profitability through all markets, with a proven investment philosophy featuring the best practices of sound, conservative fundamentals.

Fees, not commissions, are the key to the future.

You’ll make more money from fees, and there are many advantages both for you and your clients. Clients prefer AUM fees and since ours are lower you keep more. Income is steady, certain, and you work from a strengthened, and more nimble advisory position.

Join TFP’s Professional Family – you’ll keep more of what you earn.

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Everything’s in Place

You have all you need to earn client trust.

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The TFP Advantage

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Reap the Rewards

You earned all you’ve built, now get paid for it.

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Proven Performance

The TFP platform offers the best for you and your clients.

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Fees are the Future

Fees, not commissions, are the key to the future.

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Clients Prefer Fees

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